10 Fun or Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Dogs

Some of us spend our whole lives around dogs. And yet, despite all the years, they still surprise us. Whether they’re tricking us for extra food or shocking us with amazing feats of memory, dogs are truly fascinating creatures. But while they may be our best friends, there are hundreds of impressive facts you almost certainly have never heard before.

Want to know the funniest, most interesting facts? Check out our top ten below.

  1. Dogs have a super sense of smell

We all know dogs have a phenomenal sense of smell. It’s why they do an amazing job in airports or as drug sniffer dogs. Some have even been trained to find truffles.

But just how good is it?

Well, compared to our simple noses, a dog’s sense of smell is forty times stronger. Indeed, while our nasal cavity has a measly surface area of 5-10 cm2, a dog’s is 150-170 cm2.

  1. Dalmatians are white first

Before the black spots develop, dalmatians are born completely white.

  1. The tallest dog ever was 112cms tall

The tallest dog ever recorded was measured on October 4th, 2011. The monumental Great Dane, named Zeus, clocked in at 112cms tall. That’s over one metre tall – bigger than most young children.

  1. Some breeds are unbelievable swimmers

Dogs may be known for their noses. But they’re also remarkable swimmers too. Newfoundlands, in particular, are renowned as excellent swimmers, being used as water rescue dogs. In that capacity, they’ve saved hundreds of lives.

  1. Dogs can’t taste as well as people

Do you ever worry your dog is dissatisfied with their dinner? Don’t be. Unlike people, dogs only have 1,500 taste buds compared to 2,000-10,000.

  1. Greyhounds run better than a cheetah

Cheetahs can run almost 115 kilometres p.hr at their peak – but can only sustain this speed for roughly 30 seconds. Greyhounds, however, can surpass 55 kilometres p.hr, maintaining that speed for over 10 kilometres.

So, even if the Cheetah had a head-start, the greyhound would take the lead well within the first  kilometre.

  1. The smallest dog ever was…

a meagre 9.7cms tall and just 453 grams in weight. Named Miracle Milly, the little Chihuahua took the Guinness World record in 2011.

  1. Dogs are as smart as a two-year-old

After decades of research, scientists have finally concluded that doggy intelligence is on par with a two-year-old child. That means dogs can learn under 100 words and gestures. Just don’t expect a dog Nobel Prize any time soon.

  1. Dog’s nose prints are unique

If you want to catch a canine criminal, don’t look for paw prints. What you need is the nose print: unique to every dog, like a fingerprint.

  1. Longest friendship ever

Dogs and people have been best buds for over 33,000 years – when hunter-gatherers first domesticated the species. The rest, as they say, is history.

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