Common eye disorders in dogs

Colour blindness isn’t a true eye disorder, as it’s normal for the species. Still, dogs can develop numerous common eye disorders, including: –

  • Eye infection (conjunctivitis) is a bacterial or viral infection of the eye.
  • Eye ulcers occur following a wound on the eye surface (cornea).
  • Dry eye (Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca) occurs when the eye stops producing adequate tears. It can lead to corneal ulcers and chronic eye drainage problems.
  • Glaucoma is caused by increased pressure inside the eyeball from an imbalance in production and drainage of intraocular fluid. As the pressure increases, the eyeball begins pressing on related structures, causing symptoms.
  • Cherry eye involves a dog’s third eyelid – typically hidden from view in the inner corner of the eye. Sometimes, the ligament holding the eyelid in place fails, causing the eyelid to pop out of its normal location.
  • Cataracts are a cloudy, opaque area in the centre of the lens. It blocks light from reaching the retina, resulting in poor vision or blindness.
  • Entropion is when the eyelids roll inwards, causing pain, tear production, and eventually corneal damage.
  • Uveitis is the inflammation of the iris (coloured part) and surrounding structures.

Many of the above conditions can lead to blindness – not to be confused with colour blindness. Glaucoma, for instance, can eventually cause the optic nerve to die due to insufficient oxygen. Meanwhile, if left untreated, infections can spread to adjacent structures, damaging the iris, lens, or another key visual component of the eye.

However, if treated, most of the above conditions will not result in blindness.Signs of vision disorders in dogs Eye disorders in dogs can range from mild to severe. At worst, a dog can go blind rapidly without treatment.

Here are some of the key symptoms you should look out for: –

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Weeping or discharge
  • Pain/eye kept closed
  • Visible third eyelid
  • Lump around the eye
  • Visual loss
  • Blood in the eye
  • Bulging eye
  • Change in the shape or size of the pupil

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