Foundation Agility

the funnest time for you will have with your dog
Our Agility Foundation course runs over eight weeks allowing both you and your canine companion time to learn basic handler communication skills, fundamental ground work, develop a team approach to completing an obstacle sequence, and all the while, have some real laughs and fun together.

Your dog will learn

  • To remain focused on you while off leash, stay nearby, watching and listening for your command.
  • How to interact with various agility apparatus / contact equipment safely and confidently
  • How to navigate hurdles, broad jumps, drive through straight and curved tunnels , through hoop/tyre jumps and walk up and down elevated dog walks.
  • How to navigate an obstacle circuit with you
  • To complete an obstacle sequence on their own with their handler

Each of these obstacle challenges are taught separately to develop handler/ dog team work and confidence

Dogs will receive a certificate on completion of this course, and a 10% discount for enrolment to our follow on advanced skills course Go Agility- Level 1


If your dog loves long walks, climbs on things, or you want to do something different with your dog, agility may be for you.

You can enrol your vaccinated dog into our Agility Foundation Course from 9 months of age. The exercises and obstacles provided to younger participant dogs will be low impact, suitable for their growing bodies.

Please note : You can enrol your canine companion into this course ONLY IF your dog is sociable around other dogs and people. We cannot take reactive dogs into this course.
If the dog has not had dog training in obedience or manners, we will need to assess whether the dog can join the group as most training is done off leash, with other dogs present. All dogs must be fully vaccinated, and treated against fleas to be enrolled in our Agility Training courses.