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Grooming FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions2021-10-21T23:40:26+11:00

FAQs about Grooming Services at Doggie Playmates

What days and times do you offer grooming at Doggie Playmates?2021-10-17T01:02:07+11:00

We offer grooming 5 days a week with appointments commencing from 7.30 AM with our last appointment of the day at 5:00 PM, Additionally, we operate on Saturday from 8.00AM to 2.00PM for grooming appointments made prior to this day. All times are NSW times.

Do I need to book an appointment at Doggie Playmates?2021-10-17T01:02:19+11:00

Yes, you can now book online through our site here, or you may call, email or text us us at any time to request a grooming appointment.

How long will it take to groom my dog?2021-10-17T01:02:37+11:00

In general, smaller- to medium-sized breeds take 2-3 hours to be groomed in full, and larger and/or heavier-coated breeds take between 3 to 4 hours. The condition of their coat, the time since the last groom, and the kind of groom you are looking for, your dog’s behaviour during the grooming process will contribute to the time it takes. We try to strike a balance between making the groom as unhurried and comfortable as we can for your dog while aiming to get them back to you in a timely fashion. Because we’re working with animals, unexpected delays can occur.

We do not house or rest dogs in crates during the grooming process. If we feel your dog needs a break, he or she will be taken out to one of our play or doggie lounge areas for a rest or play and bowl of water.

Why does it take so long to groom my dog?2021-10-17T01:02:55+11:00

Grooming dogs isn’t as simple as getting your own hair cut and styled . There are a lot more steps and a lot more hair involved. During your dog’s stay, we brush, comb, bath , blow dry, trim nails, clean ears, cut fur, tidy sanitary areas, then do a final trim and tidy. Throughout the groom we chat, pat and cuddle your dog…. All of this takes time.
We also split up our grooming into steps and provide rest breaks to make the experience as comfortable for your pooch as we can. Some younger and/or inexperienced dogs often need extra time to learn and become comfortable with the grooming process. Rushing through these groom procedures only stresses both dog and groomer, leading to potentially unwanted issues in the future. If you need your dog ready by a specific time, please advise us at time of booking.

Do you sedate dogs for grooming?2021-04-05T07:00:52+10:00


Does my dog need to be de-sexed for grooming at Doggie Playmates?2021-10-17T01:04:00+11:00

We don’t require your dog to be spayed or de-sexed for grooming only services, but for health reasons we cannot provide grooming services to dogs on heat.

Can I leave my dog at Doggie Playmates for the whole day?2021-10-17T01:06:15+11:00

Yes, we offer a groom and daycare package. Your pooch will be able to socialise and play during groom breaks, and before and or after their groom. We will request details of your dog’s immunisation, health and sex status at the time of booking this package.

See our low priced daycare and groom package Daycare Price list here

How old should my puppy be before he gets his first groom?2021-10-17T01:06:28+11:00

It is good to have your puppy become familiar with grooming as early as possible after the first set of puppy shots, usually 8-12 weeks of age. At this age, many small breed pups may require a nail trim and hygiene clip. This will help your pooch learn at an early age that grooming is a pleasant experience.

My dog is very anxious/has separation anxiety.2021-10-17T01:06:41+11:00

In these cases we take things very slowly, monitor for signs of stress or fatigue, and take rest /doggie play breaks when needed. If we see that your dog does not take to the grooming process and is becoming too stressed, we may contact you and arrange for the session to be broken up into smaller ones. The last thing we want is to over-stress your dog through grooming processes.

My dog might bite/is aggressive/I’m not sure how they will react to being groomed.2021-10-17T01:06:53+11:00

We accept dogs who are difficult in some way or another. Dogs who will never let their paws be touched at home are more likely to become accustomed to having their nails or face trimmed patiently in a grooming environment. If your dog is likely to bite, for the safety of your dog and our groomers, we may use a soft nylon muzzle during the grooming process.

My dog is a senior.2021-10-17T01:07:05+11:00

Older pets often need special care, patience and attention. We recommend the style be kept short and easy to maintain to keep the grooming process to a minimum amount of time.

How often do nails need trimming?2021-04-05T07:05:47+10:00

Generally a dog’s nails need trimming every 6 weeks.

My dog’s nails have grown out, can you fix this?2021-10-17T01:07:52+11:00

We will not intentionally “quick” a nail in order to get the nails short. We will cut the nails as close to the quick as possible, but if the quick has grown out, we will only be able to trim up to the quick. Regular nail clipping, every 2-4 weeks, will get the quick to recede and result in shorter nails. At times, we will unintentionally quick a nail and when we do, we apply styptic powder to the nail to stop any bleeding.

Do you provide just nail clipping services ?2021-10-17T01:08:05+11:00

If you are only looking to cut your dog’s nails and nothing else, we happily provide this service.

My dog has allergies/sensitive skin.2021-10-17T01:08:22+11:00

Please advise us beforehand of any allergies, skin condition or sensitivities your dog may have when making an appointment, so we can determine the best medicated products for your pooch’s skin type/condition.

What happens if my dog has fleas?2021-10-17T01:08:34+11:00

If we notice that your dog has fleas, we will contact you immediately. If we cannot reach you, we will proceed and provide a flea bath before proceeding with groom. Additional costs will apply for this procedure.

Do you express Anal Glands?2021-10-17T01:09:03+11:00

We do not express anal glands at Doggie Playmates. Once you start expressing a dog’s anal glands externally, the dog’s body gives up doing it naturally, meaning you will usually have to have them manually expressed every 4-6 weeks. If your dog isn’t having problems with them, nature is on task. If your dog is experiencing any form of anal problem, you should have your dog checked by a Vet to determine the cause of the issue and, if required perform an internal anal gland expression.

Do you Pluck Ears?2021-10-17T01:09:14+11:00

Some breeds of dog grow hair in the ears that need to be removed for hygiene reasons. There is some controversy among veterinarians and groomers about this topic. At Doggie Playmates , we may pluck ears that need to be reduced of hair unless we are asked not to by you. With that said, we will only do it if the dog allows us to. If the dog is too squirmy for plucking we will trim, or we will stop because more damage can be done by continuing.

My dog still gets mats and/or tangled fur, even though I have regular grooming. Why is this?2021-10-17T01:09:26+11:00

Most often this happens when a dog’s coat is kept too long for their play environment and lifestyle, the time you have available to maintain their coat at home, or they just need grooming more often. Keeping your pooch’s fur shorter with more frequent, shorter groom visits, will resolve the issue of matting, collection of debris and attaching burrs etc.

Can you remove mats?2021-10-17T01:09:36+11:00

We will try and remove mats from fur through various methods without causing pain or stress to the dog.. If removal is not possible we may need to shorten or shave the mats out. We will discuss your dog’s coat condition and grooming options when you bring your dog in, or at the time of booking.

How often should I bring my dog in for a groom?2021-10-17T01:09:52+11:00

To maintain a proper / manageable coat for non-shedding breeds such as Poodles, Bichons, Shih Tzus, Lhasa Apsos, Terriers, and these cross breeds, you should have your dog groomed every 4-6 weeks.

If they are kept in a very short cut, these breeds may be left up to 8 weeks before their next groom. Breeds that have short, shedding coats can usually wait 8-12weeks between grooming appointments, as long as they are brushed regularly at home.

When will I know to pick my dog up?2021-10-17T01:10:46+11:00

We will give you a call via the phone number(s) provided when your dog is ready for pick up after their groom.
If you are concerned how your dog is handling the groom, or feel it is taking longer than expected, you can always give us a call.

What is your cancellation policy?2021-10-17T01:10:59+11:00

Cancellations can leave an empty block in the schedule that could have otherwise been filled by another customer, and so we ask that any cancellations are made by you are early as possible.

What if I want something changed or redone after my dog is finished?2021-10-17T01:11:11+11:00

Your satisfaction is very important to us! If you notice something at pick up , we can often take care of any adjustment at that time. If you notice something after you leave, we ask that you give us a call within 48 hours so we can arrange a time to tweak the groom while it is still relatively fresh.

What if I’m not satisfied with the groom?2021-10-17T01:11:35+11:00

If you’re not happy with your dog’s groom, let us know! We always appreciate your feedback. We take as much information as we can about your dog and about what you want, and keep detailed records of your dog’s grooming, so if something is not to your liking we will know what to change for the next groom.

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