Levels for this Course

Our Good Mannered Canine Course Level 1 is a class for dogs aged 16weeks and up.
Our advanced Good Mannered Canine Level 2 course is for more mature dogs 2 years and over.
These classes focus on skills training.. We also focus on settling, handling and teaching your dogs to relax amid the distraction of other people and their dogs in the the class group.
Training in a group setting helps you and your dog build focus, settle, and improves impulse control, helps combat fears, frustration and over excitement.
All the classes are run using force free training methods. This means the use of high value treats, praise and play to reinforce the dog’s appropriate and desirable behaviours.
In class you will learn a range of terminology used by force free trainers and you will learn how to use a variety of tools ranging from clickers, hand signals, and bridging words.

Course Program

Your dog will learn

  • To focus on their owners with other dogs and people moving nearby
  • Standard position changes-SIT, DROP and STAND, by hand signal and by word

  • To STAY as well as WAIT with distractions and towards the end of the course, most owners
  • Can do this with their dogs all in the same area with leashes on the ground
  • To walk on a looser leash and follow their owner
  • To come when called with distractions
  • To walk politely through doors and come out of cars calmly
  • To find their mats and to go to their mats and remain there

  • To leave objects such as food on the floor and not snatch or steal
  • To wait for the meals and not snatch or steal
  • How to cope being tethered
  • How to stop jumping on people
  • How to calm down and settle
  • To calmly pass other dogs and people when on leash without getting over excited or nervous
  • Strategies on how to pass reactive dogs or situations they feel uncomfortable in
  • To tolerate handling to prepare them for patting, vets, groomers, children, etc

You will learn

  • Develop an understanding on canine body language, learning to read and communicate with your dog at a deeper level
  • How to slow your dog’s world down, how to help them feel safe around other dogs and people, learn practical skills and know when to apply them in every day life!
    I look forward to seeing you there.

Course Information

Course Fee is $240

  • Classes are run on on Saturday 10.45am – 11.45am

  • There are 6 dogs per group
  • You will have 6 weekly practical lessons of 60 minutes each
  • There will be no off leash play during any of these lessons
  • Individual assessments may be required to ensure your dog will cope in a group setting
  • Discounts apply to those that have completed our Puppy Classes or have done our Canine Class Level 1 before with the same dog
  • All training notes and homework will be provided

For more information on class dates and availability, please contact us on 07 5518 4595.

Good Mannered Canine Courses