Puppy Class

Our classes are not a tour of the venue, or an hour of puppy play, instead we focus on practical training skills. We use best practise puppy parenting strategies aimed at preventing problem behaviours.

You will learn how to interpret basic canine body language, and communicate effectively with your new puppy. Together we will teach your little pooch multiple skills. At this stage, your puppy is like a sponge, learning and discovering its world, and developing its relationship with you.

This is the time to provide your puppy valuable information, and direction to establish positive behaviours that will help them throughout their entire lives with you.

Course Program

The first class is a puppy free theory lesson which covers basic parenting information – puppy learning/owner teaching theory, toilet training, mouthing, chewing and biting, toys and preventing boredom, reducing and preventing jumping, preventing separation anxiety, expectations, setting rules and boundaries and a whole lot more. Each week class ends with an opportunity for puppies to play and socialise.

Puppy Course

Your Puppy will learn

  • LOOK, to teach them to focus on you when needed

  • Three basic position changes – SIT, DROP and STAND
  • To go to their MAT, SETTLE and STAY
  • COME
  • To cope effectively with distractions like various objects, sounds, different surfaces,moving objects, other dogs and people and feel they are safe and secure in these situations with your help
  • how to tolerate gentle HANDLING

You will learn

how to perform a basic veterinary examination, prepare your pup for grooming and to settle them through touching and massage to recognise normal play between puppies and provide guidance if needed.

You will gain an understanding of your puppy’s unique personality and traits, communicate effectively with your puppy, bond, and be able to teach your puppy practical and useful skills with confidence, right from the get go!

Puppy Course Trainer

Lorraine, is an qualified and highly experienced dog trainer.
All graduates will be rewarded with a Certificate upon graduation, and receive a 10% discount voucher off the price of our Canine Classes to further your training!


  • Puppy classes are run on Wednesday nights from 6.45pm to 7.45pm, and Saturday mornings10.45am – 11.45am
  • There are 8 puppies maximum in a course
  • Puppies must be between 9-16 weeks of age at the course start date and have started their vaccination course. They do NOT need to be fully vaccinated before starting
  • The Puppy Class Course runs for 6 weeks with the first being a theory puppy free lesson (approx. 90 minutes) followed by 5 weekly lessons (60 minutes)
  • There is puppy play at the end of every lesson

For class date, availability, please go to Course Bookings or Contact Us.