Train your Puppy or Dog to Rollover

There’s nothing more fun than to teach your furry playmate or teddy bear of a doggie to “Roll over.”

Here’s how:

  1. Ask or help your dog to lie down. Once it does that, reward it and kneel beside it.

  2. Lure your dog using a treat. Hold the treat to its nose and move it around to their shoulder, ensuring they follow the the treat with their head at all times. This will lure it to roll flat on its side. Give it the treat and repeat a few times.

  3. Once your dog is lying flat, continue the movement of your hand from their shoulder to their backbone, causing your bud to roll onto their back. Continue to move the treat, so the dog rolls over to the other side.

  4. Repeat a few times and when the dog starts to consistently follow the treat all the way and roll over, add the cue “Roll Over,” and treat your dog.

  5. Keep practicing , eventually decreasing your hand movement. Continuously treat until your dog can perform the complete motion on just your verbal cue.

  6. Always  praise and reward. Slowly but surely, your dog will master rolling over. And be doubly rewarded through
    your delight.

Treat Tips:  Keep a pvc (washable), treat bag or pouch handy for training. Often the best and most delectable type treats to dogs is fresh meat, or cooked sausage cut into small pieces.. really yum rewards!

Ready, Set, Train!


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