Train Your Puppy or Dog to Sit, and Stay

So, you have  a darling little puppy or dog that you would like to sit when asked.

Training takes a little time and patience. but you will be rewarded, and a proud doggie mum or dad when things click and your pooch responds to your command on cue.

Now comes the tricky obedience training part.

 Sit and stay, are the building block commands for a polite, well behaved and easily managed pup or dog in a host of situations.

Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, here’s how you can train them to sit, and stay, easily and quickly:


Let’s start off with the basic transition command of “Sit.”

While there are quite a few ways you can teach your pal to “Sit,” here’s one that works like magic:

  1. Hold a tasty treat to your dog’s nose while it is standing, making sure your dog’s eyes and head follow the treat.

  2. Move your hand upwards in an arc. Tell your dog to “Sit.”

  3. As your dog raises its head, its butt will hit the floor.

  4. Instantly praise and reward your dog.

  5. Practice this process a few times daily, and your dog will master it.


One of the most useful yet tricky to teach commands, “Stay” can make both yours and your dog’s life easier, whether at home or out among other dogs, people and children.

Here is a step-by-step guide to teach your furry playmate the “Stay” command:

  1. Choose a quiet space, free from any sort of distractions.

  2. Ask your dog to sit and reward it upon sitting.

  3. Ask your dog to “Sit” again but delay rewarding. Do this repeatedly, delaying the reward by a few seconds each time.

  4. Once your dog sits for at least 15 seconds, change the command to “Stay.” First say “Sit” and once it sits, say “Stay” in a clear voice. Do remember to reward.

  5. moving up a level, teach your pup/dog to stay a distance away from you, increasing the distance as he/she remains where  you commanded him/her to stay.
  6. Practice, practice, and practice.

Treat Tips:  Keep a pvc ( washable) treat bag or pouch handy for training. Often the best and most delectable type treats to dogs is fresh meat, or cooked sausage cut into small pieces.. really yum rewards!

Ready, Set, Train!

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