These Terms and Conditions apply to all day care bookings at Doggie Playmates.

  1. Doggie Playmates reserves the right to refuse admission to any dog for any reason
  2. Bookings are always required


  • All dogs must arrive at, and leave the centre on a leash. Quick release collars are recommended.
  • All dogs must have a collar and ID tag which includes the dog’s name


  • Dogs must be 10 weeks and over to attend Doggie Playmates daycare


  • All dogs must successfully pass our temperament suitability evaluation before being admitted into our day care service.
  • Daycare dogs must not be territorial over space or toys, be friendly towards other dogs and people. (We may offer private behavioural modification training for dogs assessed as requiring pre-daycare training).
  • If dogs have not been to day care for more than two months a fresh temperament suitability assessment may be required prior to booking acceptance


  •  All paperwork, forms and certificates (for both vaccination status and de sexing) must be completed before your dog is admitted into our daycare or training service.
  • Changes to any contact or information provided at time of registration, including contact details, address, or ownership of the dog must be notified in writing.


  • We do feed or provide meals for dogs attending Doggie Playmates.


  • Dogs must be in good health, free from any infectious diseases, regularly treated for gastrointestinal worms and be free from fleas
    Sick dogs will not be admitted to daycare with any contagious condition eg; canine cough, conjunctivitis.
  • If we consider your dog to be unwell, requiring veterinary attention, we will attempt to contact you. If we cannot reach you and attention is urgent, we will take your dog to our nominated vet clinic. Owners are liable for all costs incurred in this circumstance.
  • If your dog is on medication, we will administer the prescribed medication to your dog during their daycare stay at no extra charge. Medications must be clearly labelled and have written dosage instructions provided.


  • Dogs must be fully vaccinated or have a current positive titre test. The minimum vaccination requirements for each dog entering the premises is a C3 (Canine Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvovirus). A C5 is recommended as it also covers Canine Cough (Parainfluenza and Bordetella)
  • We do not accept dogs without a certificate of vaccination,


  • We do not accept dogs over 6 months who are not de-sexed.
  • A veterinary certificate must be provided before your dog can be accepted into Doggie Playmates daycare for daycare assessment, training program daycare.


  • Doggie Playmates Daycare is open Monday to Friday from 7.30am-6.30pm.


  •  All daycare sessions must be fully paid for on arrival or at pick up
  • A late fee of $15 will be charged for each 15 minutes if the dog is not collected within the specified pick up time booked.
  • A late cancellation fee of $25.00 applies if Doggie Playmates is not advised by 8.00am on the day daycare is booked of the dog’s inability to attend the daycare session/day booked.


  • Whilst we take due care and supervise play between dogs and dogs engaged in active indoor/outdoor play we cannot prevent scratches, scrapes, nips or injury to your dogs through play with other dogs or injury occurring through play with or on equipment at the centre.
  • Doggie Playmates requests that the responsible owner must be available to collect their dog at all times or have an emergency contact available for contact or pick up of your dog.


  • Doggie Playmates and its staff will be indemnified by the dog owner against any actions or claims arising from any loss, injury or Canine Cough that a dog sustains or causes to another dog or person while in the care of Doggie Playmates daycare and centre.
  • These terms and conditions are in addition to our temperament suitability assessments.
  • Each of these Doggie Playmates daycare Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.