Daycare at Doggie Playmates

Recreation, socialisation, doggie games, sports, and relaxation. We strive to provide your pooch with a fun filled day of indoor and outdoors canine centred activities, to enrich your pooch’s life and meet your fur friend’s physical, emotional, and socialisation needs.

”Our aim is to ensure your pooch goes home totally
fulfilled , happy, and behaviourally healthy.”

A Social Dogs Club

Doggie daycare is a social meetup for dogs. Besides the opportunity to pal up and play with others, doggie daycare meets your dog’s natural desire, and need, to be a member of a pack, engaged with other dogs, playing, exploring and being together.
Through new playmates, and “together” activities and adventures, you will enrich your dog’s sense of self, benefit your dog’s overall physical and mental health, overcome shyness, and anxiety, become more manageable at home and out near other dogs, and importantly happy with life.

Daycare Open Hours
Monday – Friday 7.30am – 6.30pm (NSW times)
Bookings are essential. Ph: 07 5518 4595

Doggie Daycare Price List

First time bookings may be subject to a pre enrolment Temperament Assessment. Should this be required, we will ask that you bring your pooch in for a 1-2 hr observation trial. There is no fee for this assessment.

Read our Daycare Terms & Conditions here.
Download a copy of our Daycare Enrolment form here.
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Learning through Adventure & Fun

We provide our doggie playmates with an ever increasing variety of stimulating indoor and outdoor canine play activities that :

  • stimulate learning new skills
  • develop body self awareness
  • encourage & develop problem solving
  • overcome shyness, anxiety, fear of other dogs
  • address and help resolve common behaviour issues

Our centre provides your pooch safe indoor, and secure outdoor play spaces.

Time to Chill, Rest & Nap

Rest is a much needed and loved passive activity of all dogs. We provide quiet comfy rest spaces providing your pooch the opportunity an anytime break, nap or cosy spot to lay back and observe the antics of other doggie playmates. A programmed rest time in the afternoon prepares your pooch for going home time.

Every dog is different, and Every Dog is Special to Us

Every individual dog placed into our care is treated as an individual. With quality one on one time, every visit, we’ll get to know your dog’s individual strengths, likes, dislikes, and individual needs. We will strive to meet those individual needs through constructive playmate matching, play interaction direction and supervision, behavioural and purpose selected activities.